Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm back! + Fake Tan, the Dangers Revisited

Today I am home sick from work. Not feeling too great right now so I thought this would be a perfect time to type out some of the thoughts that have been buzzing around my head lately and make a comeback on my blog. 

So I’m going to write about a topic very close to my heart… chemicals in tanning products!! :D :D I’m definitely an advocate of the fake tan and 3000% opposed to sun beds. We know they give us cancer because they replicate harmful UV rays. I’m not going to go on about it for fear of offending people but let’s just say I don’t understand why. People still smoke when they know it kills them though soooo yeah. Perhaps we are all our own worst enemy and moan, moan, emo fb update.

NOW back to business. I’ve already mentioned before that the chemicals in fake tan that turn you brown have been linked to skin cancer. 

How: Because the chemical reaction they cause in your skin to turn it brown makes you more susceptible to UV rays. 

What does this mean for fake tan users: The day after you apply tan (or 6+ hours afterwards, once the chemical reaction has taken place and your skin is brown.) it is vital to wear sunscreen, avoid sun exposure and cover up. Keep this is mind when driving too, your arms, shoulders, face and neck are all exposed. I’ve also seen a few articles suggesting using an antioxidant moisturiser to help combat the free radicals.

Vitamin E has good antioxidant properties so look for body lotions which either specifically say antioxidants or that contain high levels of Vitamin E.

Here's some products that contain antioxidants...

Note: This effect lasts approximately 24 hours after tanning. After this period your skin will return to having a normal amount of free radicals during sun exposure. Yes unprotected sun exposure will still cause free radicals whether u use fake tan or not… so grab that sunscreen!

Don’t trust me, check the facts!

This article talks about a German study that found a significant increase in free radicals created in the skin from UV exposure, in perhaps a more easy-to-understand way than I do:

Although I hate quoting Wikipedia this article ( actually quotes real scientific studies so I’m impressed. Well done Wikipedia. This is a good read as it explains the science terms in a way that the general population can comprehend.

Did you know that fake tan can cause cancer in more ways than one? Yep, just keeps getting better doesn’t it? This article ( explains new finds that when DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) and Erythrulose (the two active ingredients in fake/spray tans) are inhaled, they can penetrate cells and cause a mutative effect.

Huh? In layman’s terms they can cause a change in your DNA. This change is likely to result in cancer. (If only it could cause some sort of X-Men/Spiderman-like mutation that would see us all become superheroes… sigh.) 

This means that spray tan users and appliers who breathe in the spray tan solution run a risk of developing lung cancer. Yep, u read right.

In the FDA’s safety regulation for use of DHA they also say “applied only to external parts of the body and not to the lips or any body surface covered by mucous membrane.” Basically some skin on your body is different to that of your limbs. For example your lips, genitals and the inside of your mouth. These skin cells don’t have the normal protective membrane as the rest of your skin and therefore absorb things very easily. So be careful when applying tan to the face to not touch the lips as these skin cells will absorb the active ingredients which can cause the same mutative effect as inhaling your spray tan. 

You can check out the FDA’s safety specifications for DHA here:


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